VegTrip releases new vegetarian holiday destination overview

VegTrip today released a new holiday destination overview on the website. This new feature gives a quick graphic overview of vegetarian or vegan hotels in different locations. Hover your pointer over an image to see a short description of the property.

Head over to and check it out!

VegTrip expands in Portugal with Colina Flora B&B becoming the first vegetarian hotel added

VegTrip today expanded it's worldwide footprint when the Colina Flora B&B became the first vegetarian hotel in Portugal to be added to the site. 


Colina Flora is a small, comfortable, "green" country guesthouse peacefully located in the rural hills - a serene oasis and tranquil retreat - in the amazing Sintra Natural Park - a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Cultural Landscape - with dramatic scenery, ocean views, only a few minutes to beautiful beaches and less than an hour from Lisbon - lovely rooms with ocean views, clean sea/mountain air, a walker's, biker´s and surfer´s paradise and a refuge for Slow Travelers!

VegTrip enables users to save favorite hotels

VegTrip today published a new feature allowing registered users to create and store a list of their favorite hotels on the site. The aim is to facilitate travel planning as this makes it both a lot easier to compare hotels and to save hotels for the future.

To start using this feature, simply register for a free account on the site. Then, after logging in you will be able to go to "My Favorites" which will show a list of all the hotels that you have marked as favorite.









To mark a hotel as a favorite, simply go to the hotel listing and click on the white star (as underlined in the image below). To remove a favorite, simply click on the star again.







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VegTrip passes 200 vegetarian and vegan hotels in 42 different countries

VegTrip today reached a new milestone when three new hotels were added to the site. VegTrip now features more than 200 vegetarian and vegan hotels complete with detailed information in 42 different countries all over the world. 

We're proud to welcome these three new hotels to an already large collection! 

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Indonesia

A haven for nature lovers & for those who just need to escape from the madness of a busy life, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is located at 700m on the slopes of Mount Batukaru in central Bali, we offer you a chance to retreat into nature, to relax or be active taking treks or workshops with our local community.Experience being part of the vibrant Balinese culture.


B&B Agata, Italy

While visiting the charming city of Ravenna enjoy a stay at Agata’s and a delicious cruelty-free breakfast, prepared with no animal products of any sort.Vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians and raw foodists are most welcome as well as all other customers wishing to try our specialties which will satisfy even the most discerning “traditional” gourmets.




Eco Yoga Park, Argentina

Our Volunteer program is specially designed for those who want to experience an eco friendly way of life; you can take part in sustainable activities, such as organic farming, eco building, vegetarian cooking, etc., while at the same time experiencing the quietness and harmony afforded by yoga and meditation.

VegTrip launches hotel search website aimed at vegetarian and vegan travelers.

FRANCE, March 5, 2013 - Emerging hotel search company VegTrip today publicly released their new website aimed at vegetarian and vegan travelers. Seeking to facilitate travel planning for vegans and vegetarians conscious about their choice of accommodation, the website is launching with more than 200 hotels worldwide.

Estimates show that there are approximately one and a half billion vegetarians and vegans in the world today with at least 75 million people being vegetarian by active choice. With the growing concerns about health, environmental impact and animal welfare these numbers are on a steady rise, particularly in the western world with recent statistics showing that for example in the United States, up to 13% of the population now follows a vegetarian or vegan diet and sales of vegetarian food has doubled there in the past ten years.

Yet there are remarkably few services available to aid with vegetarian vacations and travel planning. VegTrip is aiming to change this by providing a unified service for discovering vegetarian and vegan hotels, bed and breakfasts and guest houses around the world. With each hotel on the site listed with detailed information to make it easier for travelers to choose between hotels and destinations.

To provide the same level of quality that travelers has come to expect from online travel websites, VegTrip is working with hotel owners to keep information accurate and up to date. Each hotel owner is provided with an interface for modifying their hotel information.

About VegTrip

VegTrip is a new and emerging hotel search company aimed at the vegetarian community committed to promoting a healthy, environmentally sustainable and cruelty free way of life.

For more information, please visit


To learn more about VegTrip and the services it provides, please contact

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VegTrip expands in Romania with three new vegetarian hotels

VegTrip today added three new vegetarian hotels and health centers in Romania, making it the latest market to be included in the already extensive index.

Pensiunea Elena in Brasov, located at the foot of Piatra Craiului Mountain.

Pensiunea Elena

Centrul de Sanatate PODIS is a Health Center that brings together the therapeutic possibilities of a resort with modern health-care facilities capable of improving or reversing health problems.

Centrul de Sanatate PODIS

Centrul Lifestyle Herghelia – In the midst of a splendid natural setting of rolling hills beautiful forests and singing birds, you will find a friendly and warm family atmosphere. Herghelia is a wellness center which not only respects its guests but also offers them the comfort of a resort.

Centrul Lifestyle Herghelia

Large selection of vegetarian hotels in the UK

After little more than one month since the website went online VegTrip already features a large selection of vegetarian or vegan hotels in the United Kingdom. With more than 40 different offerings across the country, going on a vegetarian vacation has never been easier.

Click to see all vegetarian and vegan hotels in the UK


The Temple Lodge Club in London


Paskings Town House in Brighton

Reinventing Vegetarian and Vegan Travel

Travelling as a vegetarian or vegan can sometimes be an adventure all in itself. Will you end up eating bread or salad the whole vacation? Will you spend more time looking for a restaurant than queuing at the Eiffel tower? Will people be surprised that vegetarians don’t eat fish?

VegTrip might not solve all of those problems but aims to facilitate travel planning for those seeking a vegetarian or vegan place to stay while at the same time promote a sustainable way of life by increasing exposure for vegetarian and vegan hotels and bed and breakfasts.

VegTrip is a service under development and new features and new vegetarian and vegan hotels are added regularly to the website so be sure to check back often to see all new offers or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated with the latest information. And why not use the suggest form to let us know about that great little hotel with the fantastic veggie food that you stayed at last month?

So, go and explore the site to see what we have to offer. Chances are that you might be surprised by the number of vegetarian options already available all over the world waiting to be discovered. And leave us a comment if you have any suggestions or remarks about the site.

The VegTrip team


VegTrip aims to facilitate travel planning for people looking for vegetarian or vegan friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts or guest houses while at the same time promote businesses providing such services.

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