A plant based hotel reduces carbon emissions by twenty tonnes each year

Few things affect the environment as much as animal agriculture. It is estimated by the WHO that animal farming is now contributing as much to global warming as all cars, buses, trains, boats and planes put together. Each person eating an average meat based diet contributes approximately 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year, while someone on a plant based diet contributes much less, namely, only 1.5 tonnes - thus saving one tonne every year.

Therefore it is interesting to see how much a plant based, vegan or vegetarian hotel reduces its carbon emissions each year compared to a regular hotel. Let us take a medium sized hotel with ten double rooms as an example, with full occupancy throughout the year. A hotel of this size saves 20 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to a hotel serving meat based meals.

This is a significant reduction, and even without doing anything else, a plant based hotel will emit much less carbon dioxide than a regular hotel claiming to be Eco friendly. For example, installing a typical 3000 kWh solar panel system is estimated to save about 0.9 tonnes of carbon each year, which is less than the impact one person makes on a plant based diet.

Finally, how far would you be able to drive to emit 20 tonnes of carbon? Five and a half rounds around the world!

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