Large selection of vegetarian hotels in the UK

After little more than one month since the website went online VegTrip already features a large selection of vegetarian or vegan hotels in the United Kingdom. With more than 40 different offerings across the country, going on a vegetarian vacation has never been easier.

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The Temple Lodge Club in London


Paskings Town House in Brighton

Reinventing Vegetarian and Vegan Travel

Travelling as a vegetarian or vegan can sometimes be an adventure all in itself. Will you end up eating bread or salad the whole vacation? Will you spend more time looking for a restaurant than queuing at the Eiffel tower? Will people be surprised that vegetarians don’t eat fish?

VegTrip might not solve all of those problems but aims to facilitate travel planning for those seeking a vegetarian or vegan place to stay while at the same time promote a sustainable way of life by increasing exposure for vegetarian and vegan hotels and bed and breakfasts.

VegTrip is a service under development and new features and new vegetarian and vegan hotels are added regularly to the website so be sure to check back often to see all new offers or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook to stay updated with the latest information. And why not use the suggest form to let us know about that great little hotel with the fantastic veggie food that you stayed at last month?

So, go and explore the site to see what we have to offer. Chances are that you might be surprised by the number of vegetarian options already available all over the world waiting to be discovered. And leave us a comment if you have any suggestions or remarks about the site.

The VegTrip team


VegTrip aims to facilitate travel planning for people looking for vegetarian or vegan friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts or guest houses while at the same time promote businesses providing such services.

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