VegTrip releases Windows Store App

VegTrip today released the first version of it's dedicated Windows Store application. The application is designed to run on Windows 8 PCs or Windows Surface/RT tablets. 

VegTrip Windows App


This free VegTrip app offers a quick and easy way to discover vegetarian or vegan hotels, health centers and B&Bs all around the world. We provide one of the largest selections of vegetarian and vegan accommodations on the web.

A quick overview can bee seen on this youtube clip.



Get the app from the Windows Store today!




The Vegan Tourist reviews VegTrip

We're very happy to have been featured in an article by The Vegan Tourist

Read it here:

Health Centers using food for natural healing

VegTrip is not only a great place to find vegan or vegetarian accommodations, but it also features many health centers using food as a way to heal illnesses. Food and health has always been closely connected and more and more evidence is starting to emerge regarding the health benefits of a plant based diet (Hint: Read The China Study by Colin Campbell or How to Prevent and Revert Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn).

Here is a selection of Health Centers available on VegTrip







VegTrip aims to facilitate travel planning for people looking for vegetarian or vegan friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts or guest houses while at the same time promote businesses providing such services.

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