VegTrip releases new mobile friendly website

As more than half of our visitors are now using mobile devices to view our website it was time to deliver an optimized mobile experience.

What are the changes compared to the desktop pages?

  • Simplified start page, with less options
  • Increased visibility on small screens
  • Search result in a list instead of on a map
  • Hotel pages changed to support vertical scrolling

 There are still many pages which does not have a mobile optimized counterpart. However, the most important ones do. If at any time you would like to go back to the desktop version, simply click on "Desktop version" in the main menu. 


We've reached 400 hotels!

The Italian B&B Al Colonnato di San Pietro located in central Rome is the 400th hotel added to our site.

"The Bed and Breakfast is within walking distance from Saint Peter's Chatedral, the Vatican's Museums and Castel Sant'Angelo. Trastevere, Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, as well as Trevi's Fountain and Piazza di Spagna are in the vicinity. The Colusseum, the Forums, Villa Borghese and all other tourist attractions are situated 10/20 minutes by bus."

A plant based hotel reduces carbon emissions by twenty tonnes each year

Few things affect the environment as much as animal agriculture. It is estimated by the WHO that animal farming is now contributing as much to global warming as all cars, buses, trains, boats and planes put together. Each person eating an average meat based diet contributes approximately 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere each year, while someone on a plant based diet contributes much less, namely, only 1.5 tonnes - thus saving one tonne every year.

Therefore it is interesting to see how much a plant based, vegan or vegetarian hotel reduces its carbon emissions each year compared to a regular hotel. Let us take a medium sized hotel with ten double rooms as an example, with full occupancy throughout the year. A hotel of this size saves 20 tonnes of carbon emissions compared to a hotel serving meat based meals.

This is a significant reduction, and even without doing anything else, a plant based hotel will emit much less carbon dioxide than a regular hotel claiming to be Eco friendly. For example, installing a typical 3000 kWh solar panel system is estimated to save about 0.9 tonnes of carbon each year, which is less than the impact one person makes on a plant based diet.

Finally, how far would you be able to drive to emit 20 tonnes of carbon? Five and a half rounds around the world!

To learn more about plant based travelling, visit today.


Save the planet - Stay in a plant based hotel!

Staying in a vegetarian or vegan hotel is not only kind to the animals and to your health - It's also one of the best ways to spend your vacation if you want to minimize your environmental impact. According to the WHO, a person eating a vegan diet reduces his or her carbon emissions by 1000 kilos each year, while a vegetarian reduces the footprint by 800 kilos.

This means that by staying one week in any of the vegan hotels found on our website, you are reducing your carbon footprint by approximately 19 kilos compared to if you would have stayed in a regular hotel. That's not too bad!

What does 19 kilos of carbon dioxide emissions look like? Let's imagine that you are driving a Toyota Prius Hybrid, then you would be able to drive it for 211 km to use up your savings, and all this by eating delicious plant based foods for only a week. 

In addition to this, many of the hotels on our site also use additional Eco friendly approaches, such as serving organic food, using environmentally friendly cleaning products or generating electricity from the sun.

Save the planet, let your next vacation be plant based!


How many animals did you save by going vegetarian/vegan?

Did you ever wonder how many animals you saved as a direct consequence of becoming vegetarian or vegan?

According to this calculation by PETA, the average American vegan saves nearly 200 animals every year. That's 200 animals every year that will not have to go through unimaginable suffering in factory farms, fish farms and slaughter houses.

We've made it really simple to find out how many animals you've saved since becoming vegetarian or vegan. Just click the link below to use our calculator and to give yourself or one of your friends a nice reward.

Easy ways to boost your hotel listing

Link to your hotel listing

An easy and effective way to increase visibility for your hotel listing and to make sure that it is displayed prominently by search engines is to add links to your hotel listing on VegTrip. If your hotel has its own website, blog or any other page those all make ideal places to add links to your listing.

If you login and go to edit the details of your hotel, you will find templates at the bottom of the page that you can copy-paste for convenience. Otherwise you can just as well create your own.

Frequently update your hotel details

It's very important to display up-to-date information on your hotel page and to make sure that you let visitors know about what's going on in or around your hotel. Every time you update some textual information on your hotel listing, we will list your hotel on the front page as recently updated, greatly increasing exposure of your listing.



Let visitors know what's going on in or around your hotel

A great way to increase exposure of your property is to make visitors aware of what you have going on there for the moment. Do you offer special time limited offers or events? Is there a festival going on? Those are just some examples of what may generate interest from visitors. You can add up to three such promotions for your hotel at a time and doing so will highlight your hotel on our front page as well as on the special promotions page

Read more about how to add a promotion here 



Use social media to your advantage

About 30% of our daily traffic is coming directly from various social media networks so it's needless to say that a strong presence here might generate a lot of interest in your hotel. Each hotel page on VegTrip is optimized for easy posting in social media. On Facebook for example, the main hotel image along with the short hotel description will be displayed by default when posting the link to your listing.

Another social network which is very popular with our visitors is Pinterest. It's particularly well suited if you have some great images of your property uploaded.



Add high quality photos

The photos of your property and it's surroundings is one of the most important things a visitor will look at. Many hotels on VegTrip are located in truly stunning locations so it's essential to have photos that makes the location justice. Remember that these are the photos that will represent your property every time people are talking about it in social media. There are many professional photographers around that can help you with this.


VegTrip now available in French

We are happy to let you know that VegTrip is now available in French! With about 25 different vegetarian and vegan accommodations around the country which often provides organic cuisine, makes it a good destination to explore.

Go check it out on

VegTrip in Italian

We are happy to announce the release of a dedicated Italian version of VegTrip. Go check out to browse the numerous vegetarian, vegan and often organic accommodations available all over the country. For some additional inspiration, have a look at our vegan vacation in Rome


VegTrip in Spanish

Following our efforts to bring VegTrip to additional markets we are now happy to announce that starting today VegTrip has been partially translated to Spanish!

A big thank you to our Spanish friend that gave us a helping hand along the way. Check out the result here:


New feature: Recently updated hotels

To better highlight new or updated hotels, and to also give a better incentive for hotels that regularly updates their listings we've decided to introduce a new feature on the main page. Now when arriving on VegTrip, you will be greeted by a list of recently updated hotels to the left of the map, as displayed in the screen shot below.


VegTrip aims to facilitate travel planning for people looking for vegetarian or vegan friendly hotels, bed & breakfasts or guest houses while at the same time promote businesses providing such services.

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